New Gibson

Coincidently, after just mentioning Gibson in the post below, I saw there is a new collection of his essays.  He has made a shift from future-set cyberpunk to novels set in the present, which at first disappointed me in Pattern Recognition.  I think I’ve become a better reader since then, where I realized that it is silly to react that way if an author deviates from his norm, like Neal Stephenson’s did in REAMDE, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  What I found ironic about this, is that Neal basically said he was doing this and wanted to write a pure plot based action novel, to which there was much grumbling when readers realized he delivered on his promise.  I’m sure Neal half-expected such a reaction.  Anyway, I deleted my only book review (ever) on Amazon of Pattern Recognition, a three-star and rated “not helpful” review, once I had this revelation.  But this series is interesting, as Gibson explores viral ideas in “the now” like brand-less clothing in Zero History, and locative art (previously mentioned).