Hacker School? Why not?!

NYC now has a hacker school.  I especially enjoyed the explanation of the school by on of the founders.  I am a fan of unconventional schooling at most levels despite that I’m enrolled in a very traditional program at the moment.  This concept is well suited towards developing software, which can be very project based and I’m sure the “formal” is limited to the herding of cats (where the cats are the developers).  Otherwise, it seems to be a very open forum.

The school appears to be free (as in beer), as their funding comes from companies looking for recruits, which based on their graduates, seems to be successful for all involved.  For those in NYC, and have the time, it seems like a great opportunity.

It reminded me of the co-working site in Philadelphia, Indy Hall.  While not a school, it is the watering-hole for independent workers in the Philly area (again, mostly software developers).  Any such gathering of this archetype is bound to spin-off creative ideas.