Why WIRED magazine rocks.

WIRED Magazine rocks.  In an age when magazines seem to be going the way of the dodo, WIRED is alive and well and consistently publishes quality, thorough articles.  I think I’ve  been a subscriber since 2002 or so, and it is the one magazine that I do not throw away.

Their articles cover a spectrum of tech related topics, software, medicine, military, social networking, etc…  In their latest issue, they have an article on Cowclicker, which was a satire on games like Farmville.  In fact it was such a good spoof, that Cowclicker became immensely popular, to the point where the creator didn’t know if it was his best work or his biggest failure.

Another favorite article of mine was about a game challenge themed “Bigger than Jesus: games as religion.”  The winning game creator, an atheist, created a Minecraft like game called Chain World that was meant to be run from an USB.

It had the following commandments (copied from the article):

  1. Run Chain World via one of the included “run_ChainWorld” launchers.
  2. Start a single-player game and pick “Chain World.”
  3. Play until you die exactly once.
    3a. Erecting signs with text is forbidden—your works must speak for themselves.
    3b. Suicide is permissible.
  4. Immediately after dying and respawning, quit to the menu.
  5. Allow the world to save.
  6. Exit the game and wait for your launcher to automatically copy Chain World back to the USB stick.
  7. Pass the USB stick to someone else who expresses interest.
  8. Never discuss what you saw or did in Chain World with anyone.
  9. Never play again.

This USB game has a similar mystery as the Dead Drops project I mentioned a few days ago.  The article continues to show how a religious schism develops among the Chain World disciples on the interpretations of the above rules, which immediately reminded me Life of Brian.

Anyway, get WIRED, you’ll love it.

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