Metablogging. Thoughts on Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg.

Say Everything is Scott Rosenberg‘s latest book (author of Dreaming in Code).  It’s a thorough history of blogging from the time before it was webblogging to 2010.  For those that remember some early blogging history like Blogger before it was owned by Google, or the creation of Boing Boing, I think you find the book interesting.

Scott also recounts the history of the first blogger to lose her job because of blogging, the switch from blogging for fun to blogging for profit, and how blogging cause elected officials to be removed from office.  Like he does in Dreaming in Code, Scott also gives a very personal look into the people behind the blogging. It’s very well written, fun and informative.

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The book serves as a good source of inspiration for continuing with this blog.  I started this because I found myself TV and Xbox-less (red-rings-of-death) and thus, had some extra time on my hands between grad school and work.  When I was overseas, I enjoyed writing updates to friends and family, so this seemed like a logical next step.  I’ve always read a lot online, heavily relying on Google Reader to stay up to date with blogs.  I’m subscribed to about 80 blogs… Yikes, I never counted. With Reader (which uses RSS and other syndication), I think of it more like Dave Winer: it’s a river of news, into which I occasionally step.  I also frequently purge all unread posts when I fall behind.

I’ve found blogging to be very self-revealing as well.  It’s apparent that I tend to be very depth-first-search like in my topics; completely exhausting one topic before moving on to the next.  I’m finishing a course in Game AI, hence all the AI posts (don’t worry, there is only 2 weeks left of that course…) and I tend to do the same with my reading. Speaking of, I need to re-evaluate my queue.

To read:

I have Where Wizards Stay up Late now, and the others are in the mail… We’ll see what comes in today and then I’ll decide 🙂

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