Millenium Down!

I’ve finally finished the Millenium Trilogy by completing The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.  It was very entertaining and a quick 500 pages or so, but I don’t think it will make my top ten list.  It was a very plot-centric crime thriller and it makes for good summer / vacation reading, which is how I approached it.  There were two things that annoyed me at first, but then I’ve let them go.  But, I’m going to write them here anyway 🙂 (These are non-spoilers)

First, one of the hackers in the Hacker Republic “took control of nuclear submarine in the north sea.”  Somehow, submarines were better represented in movies and books ten to twenty years ago than in media today.  The latest Mission Impossible movie also had

The US Navy attack submarine USS Annapolis (SS...
Submarines can do some interesting things, but despite that, the most common question I get asked from child and adult alike is: "Where does the poop and trash go?" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

some outlandish submarine involvement (otherwise, it was a good movie).  Well, we are the silent service and in general, we don’t get our stories out, with the exception of Blinds Man Bluff.

Secondly, at one point Salander recalls that she once had a solution to Fermat’s last theorem, but couldn’t remember it.  At first I took this as a hyperbole, but seeing how the theorem was proved unsolvable in the late 90s, I’m going to give the late author the benefit of the doubt and conclude this was a joke.

But then I remember this is fiction, and popular fiction at that, so it is meant to be entertaining and it certainly was. So I’ve let these points go 😉

Now I have mid-book anxiety.  The catharsis of finishing a book quickly leads to an unsettling feeling of not having a book to read.  I also have a habit of obtaining more books than I can currently read and I like to have about five books or so lined up.  I’m trying to resist that urge and finish the books I have, so here’s my list:

I’m a bit restless with the new academic quarter starting, so maybe I’ll just start Hunger Games.  Also, the novelty of reading on the Kindle is really wearing on me.  If I’m traveling, the convenience of the Kindle is great, otherwise, I’d just rather hold the book.

3 thoughts on “Millenium Down!

  1. Don’t watch the Hunger Games movie. It’s not that good. I read 1/5 of the book and saw the movie, now when I’m going to finish reading the book, all the characters are the people from the movie in my head now. That’s no bueno.

  2. I’m in no rush to see it, but I think it would be one of those movies that is better than the book. It’s very action driven without a lot of internal monologue. It seemed to me a perfect movie candidate.

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