Amazing Race: Albeit more geeky and less athletic

It’s called DASH: Different Area Same Hunt. It’s a game where teams solve the same set of puzzles in different locations across the country (hence the name).  I participated in the NYC event, which was a lot of fun!  The puzzles generally contain multiple meta-puzzles.  For example, first one must solve a word-scramble like puzzle, which will give the directions to solve part two.  Both of these answers are needed to solve the third part and finally when the puzzle is “solved,” that answer must be decoded into a symbol which reveals the location for the next puzzle.

The NYC version is played in Central Park.  Puzzle locations whisk teams from the Met, to the Museum of Natural History, to the Hans Christian Anderson Statue, back to Strawberry Fields, etc…  Advanced Puzzlers finish in a few hours.  Amateurs, like myself, are hurried along in order to complete the task, which starts at 11:00 am, by dusk.  We played with a large group of friends, one of which who was pregnant, so we took our time and had fun.  Too much fun, as we did not complete the game and instead split off to a go to a roof-top beer-garden in the Flatiron District, which was packed upon arrival so we went back home.

Having felt slighted for missing a rooftop beer drinking experience, I went out and found my favorite beer: Weihenstephaner Hefewissbier.  Last time I was in Munich, I toured the Paulaner Breweryon the start of the 200th Oktoberfest.  It was a bit quiet, as most of the employees were carting casts of beer from the brewery to the Oktoberfest tents and

Weihenstephaner Wiessbier

ironically, their tap was having problems so we drank (freshly) bottled beer.  However, I really wished I had time to visit the Weihenstephan Brewery.  While slightly outside of Munich, I think it would have been quite the trip.  Maybe next time.

So lesson for next year’s DASH: Solve the puzzles in an german-style biergarten.  If anything, there will be more creative answers… Prost!