Hiking in Austria Day 5: St. Martin to Weißbach

Day 5 of 6.  One of the nice things about a hotel next to a church, is that one doesn’t need an alarm clock.  Initially waking up at seven bells, we finally stumbled out at three short bells (0745) for a light breakfast before saying Auf Wiedersehen to St. Martin.

Hiking up to the Eiblkapelle. Pondering the question, which has an answer of 42…

Starting pleasantly enough on a shaded path, we reached the ascent on a road through the pastures.  Basically, today’s goal was to get to Weißbach, which isn’t really that far from St. Martin, but it wouldn’t be all that fun to walk directly there. 😉  Instead, the theme of the day was walk around the Gerhardstein “hill” (refer to map) and arrive to Weißbach through, that’s right, gorges and pastures.  So, maybe about 3/4 of the ascent (at 1260m) from St. Martin, there was a small chapel (Eiblkapelle) that had one of the best viewpoints of the trip yet.  We sat up there for a while, taking pictures and enjoying a snack before moving on.

Day 5 Map: St. Martin to Weißbach around the Gerhardstein

The peak of our day was at the snack-station Litzalm.  It was filled with hikers and bikers (of the bicycle sort) taking well-deserved breaks from wherever they came.  However, we decided to press on.  A rather steep and rocky descent (I’m glad we went in this direction) followed before we were back in a river’s valley.  Finally, our stomachs got the better of us and we stopped at the Gasthof Lohfeyer.

I never wanted to be an engineer anyway! Always, sitting at a desk, calculating this, programming that! I wanted to be… to be… a LUMBERJACK!

I had another grilled-meat-sampler-plate with a Weißbier and being a bit more aggressive about asking for the check then on our second day, we were soon off to the Seisenbergklamm.  The best gorge so far!  A few hundred meters long and maybe just less than 100 meters deep (the website has plenty of  great pictures, none of mine really developed well).  The gorge is the gateway to Weißbach and our hotel, the aptly named Landgasthof Seisenbergklamm, awaited us.  It rained again that night and we rested up for our last day of hiking which would be the return trip to Lofer.

Climbing wall at Weißbach. We enjoyed watching them.


  • Date completed: 21.6.12
  • Distance: 18.9km
  • Start Time: 0932
  • Start Elevation: 674m
  • Highest Elevation: 1323m @ 1256
  • End Time: 1612
Day 5 Elevation

And because I can’t get the song out of my head and because it’s the rare German version, here’s a treat:

Fortunately, we did not encounter said Holzfäller.