Over and Undergraduate

A few months ago I volunteered to an interview with G.I. Jobs Magazine.  I had forgotten about the interview until I was recognized from the magazine, so I figured I’d post the interview here.

In the interview, I talk about my experience transitioning from the military (which I will do again here shortly) and my experiences with Drexel University, which have been outstanding.  I’ve had a 10 year break in my formal computer science education, which has been filled with military service and working as a software engineer and it’s nice to refresh my knowledge.  I also have a much more mellow perspective now.  I had many sleepless nights earning my cumulative 3.82 / 4.00 GPA in college, but now I’m ok with a 3.80 😉 I received A’s in all but the following: Physical Education (a few times…), History of the Middle East, Golf, Volleyball, Marine Propulsion Engineering and Junior Officer Practicum (how to be a junior officer).  Yes, I admit it, I’m a naval officer who can’t play golf.

Me staring at some code during an ACM competition in 2001. I haven’t yet physically been to my grad school’s lab (I’ve SSH’d a bunch), but I think it has some more modern hardware. There’s not many place one can get a way with wearing matching gray sweats…

I also did some research as an undergraduate and I haven’t decided if I’ll complete a master’s thesis or not.  I don’t have PhD ambitions at the moment and I’d have to give up at least two classes, which seem too interesting.

Maybe this is why I didn’t receive A’s in gym, I’m actually enjoying reading Applied Cryptography. I was even in the paper back then.

Lastly, the Circumnavigator’s Club picked up this post on the front page of their website.  I recommend you read some of the foundation scholar’s trip reports (Circumnavigator Club’s funded world research travel) because you can learn that in some parts of the world, a phone charger is a job and not just a device.