Next Chapter.

After 15 months, I’m finally back home.  Involuntarily recalled back to active duty in Afghanistan in May of 2011 and continuing on at Submarine Squadron 20, I’m finally done, again.  I now have three DD214s (discharges from active duty), which is more than enough for me, hence I’ve submitted my resignation.  I’ve accomplished much with the Navy in this time: circumnavigated in a submarine, worked in Germany, spent a few weeks in a Chilean sub, and worked on a squadron staff, but it was time for an end.

Morning in Rittenhouse Square

It’s not often that one has a chance to reboot one’s life, but I’m thankful for the opportunity.  Already, I sat in, for real on my graduate database class and I’m trying to use the Zen inspired “non-attachment” belief to purge stuff that has followed me for years.  I have some time off before I start work again, which I’ll be using to reconnect with friends and family, but I’m looking forward to getting more plugged in to the local scene, especially the Philly tech scene starting with a visit by Eric S. Raymond to PLUG.

Books… Books… Books… I’m trying to keep a spirit of un-attachment and reduce my book collection, but it has been difficult. But look! I have a whole shelf empty! [Edit: not shown: the books lying on the ground that I am trying to organize. I previously organized all books by height, but now I’m going by genre.]
So, I have a backlog of posts to work on and books to read.  This week’s Coursera reading is Frankenstein.  Last weeks’ was Dracula, which I listened on CD on the trip up from Georgia, but unfortunately, I did not get a chance to submit an essay since I was moving. Hopefully, they don’t fail me 😉

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    1. Actually, I will be in SF in a few weeks… I’ll email you the details, but it would be great to see you and the family!

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