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Salute.  I’ve been waiting for season seven of How I Met Your Mother to pop on Netflix as I’m seeing advertisements for season eight, which is about to start in September.  I mean, this search even auto completes for me now…  But it looks like season eight might start before I can watch season seven, hence I’ll need the Sensory Deprecator 5000.

Despite this inconvenience, the Netflix only approach, compared to cable TV, is still the best way, IMHO.  Apart from obtaining media via BitTorrent or Usenet (which is not 32 years old and is still kicking), there are a few options for paid, streaming videos.  But the best deal in subscribing to Netflix, are the seasons of TV shows.  In fact, the making of another Arrested Development season is being hailed as a Netflix savior.

But another reason that I am continuing my Netflix subscription, are the independent films, like the hilarious black comedy, Visioneers.  A Kafkaesque office fantasy with the great tagline, “Did you every feel like you were about to explode?”  Even though exploding, or a midlife crisis, is mainly a first world problem, the result is usually messy, often including wrecked careers and families.  Why should a person who (as in the movie’s case) has a house, a family, a boat, a job, etc… be miserable?  It turns out many of us can go on like this for a while, but we explode when we realize that every day is the “same as it ever was” and we announce “my God, what have I done!?!?!”  On the road to nowhere perhaps the Red Queen puts it most eloquently, ”

…it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

Of course the complaint against Netflix is that it doesn’t have many recent “good” movies, but for that I’m content to rent them from iTunes or even walk to a Redbox.  But in the end, Netflix’s library, even if esoteric, suits me just fine.

8 thoughts on “General Updates

  1. Josh! Visioneers looks great. I think you might like “Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel” an HBO/BBC production. I hope it’s on Netflix. Sarah and I watched it and both enjoyed it!

  2. Amazon Prime. Free instant videos on top of unlimited 2-day shipping. They also have a Kindle library where you can borrow books for free.

    1. Says the man who works at Amazon… 🙂

      I did see the recent announcement that Prime now surpasses super saver shipping. And in NYC, it is basically next day shipping from what I understand.

      BTW, I’m not making it to the reunion, so have fun (if you are going).

  3. I might have to give Visioneers a watch. It looks pretty good. I’ve only been watching garbage lately on Netflix like Piranahs…. I have started watching the Enterprise series. I didn’t really watch it when it came out since it was around the time where I kind of just stopped watching any TV all together. It’s actually not that bad. Your typical Star Trek stuff. Just a new cast and crew.

    1. Huh, I’d forgotten about the Enterprise series. From what I can remember, I watched pretty much all of TNG, but I think I left the series after DS9.

      Piranhas looks horrible… your kid probably could have picked a better movie 🙂 I was going to recommend Ghost in the Shell, but it seems likes it’s no longer on Netflix… weird. I’m not that big into anime, but this series is the gateway drug, I’m sure.

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