Facelift: Upgraded to Twenty Twelve

I’ve upgraded to the new WordPress Twenty Twelve theme.  I’m pretty impressed with the look.  I did have to go through and remove my “featured images,” since I upgraded from Twenty Ten.  Twenty Twelve does not use a banner image and during the live preview I noticed that it just stuck the featured image at the top of the post, which didn’t work for me.

Also, as this probably will affect a very small amount of users (probably just me 🙂 ), it appears that HTTPS Everywhere makes the page look wonky (see below).  Of course, I’m using Chrome and HTTPS Everywhere is still in alpha for Chrome…  Begrudgingly, I turned off WordPress.com from the HTTPS Everywhere config, but I’ve had a similar problem on some sites, so I’ll have to check the HTTPS Everywhere mailing list.  However, the mobile version of the site looks great!

Viewing the site with Chrome and HTTPS Everywhere turned on… should be called the “Nineteen Ninety Eight” Theme.

One of the features in Twenty Twelve that I’m looking forward to is the static homepage.  It’s a nice customization option for a splash page and should look good, once I figure out what to put there.  Inline \LaTeX has a nice drop shadow-like look too!  The only thing I’m missing from the old look is my photo of the Jungfrau, but maybe it’ll find a new home on the static homepage.

Mönch, Jungfrau, and Eiger