Netflix now available on Samsung ARM Chromebooks

Yet another reason to like the $249 Samsung ARM Chromebook: Netflix streaming is now available via HTML5.  In ChromeOS, just visit Netflix like normal and say “yes” to allowing Netflix to store data on your Chromebook.  As stated in this Netflix support article, this is only required the first time you visit Netflix.

When I first used my Chromebook, I was a bit disappointed to learn that Netflix was not supported.  But since then, my satisfaction with this device has only gone up.  I’m dual-booting ChrUbuntu and getting a lot of mileage with Emacs 24 and using Emacs TRAMP mode over SSH, which makes my Chromebook a ultra-lightweight travel companion.  With a quick boot back into ChromeOS, I can now procrastinate even more, with Netflix.  If the dual-booting is too much for you, there is always Crouton.