My first live-blogging event: truck explosion

Sitting in my NY apartment, I suddenly hear a loud BOOM on the Queensboro bridge.  I ran to the window and I couldn’t see what happened but I did see all Queens traffic stopped, some people running and cars trying to back-out off the bridge.

The air quickly smelt of smoke and while something still didn’t feel right, there was no screaming or any other loud noises, so I started tweeting 🙂

I’m not a huge twitter user, but live-blogging from on the scene bystanders is perhaps Twitter’s best feature.  From witnessing regimes fall to following your favorite food-truck, Twitter is still the place to go for real-time information.

It appears that no one was hurt from this oxygen-tank laden truck that exploded, which is kinda amazing.  So now I don’t feel guilty for being excited to be the first to capture this event on Twitter (according to this post), even if I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.