BeagleBone usb console driver Mac OS X

I’m now the proud owner of a BeagleBone (purchased from Adafruit)!  There will be more details in the coming posts, but first I want to make sure I let people know about this issue.

BeagleBone rev A6

If you have a 64 bit Mac and you want to connect over /dev/tty.usb to the BB, you need to install the 64 bit FTDI driver: here.  As of this post, it was version 2.218 for Mac OS X, 64 bit.  Then you should be able to access the serial console as discussed in the README.

Unfortunately, I just got this as the new BeagleBone Black was announced yesterday.  If I mysteriously fry this BB I guess I won’t be too upset when I have to get the BB Black…