The 2013 Circumnavigators Club Foundation Scholars

One of my best memories from the Navy was travelling around the globe in a submarine.  On that one deployment I picked up several “unofficial” certificates, but it also qualified me to join the Circumnavigators Club.  It’s not a travel club; it’s a club of travelers and since travelers don’t sit put much, there’s not a whole lot of meetings.

We can only travel so much, so we also send people to travel for us.  We have a foundation that provides merit-based grants to undergraduates on an around the world research trip.  Ok, so the travel is really for their benefit but I like to think we send out scouts to go report back on the mysteries of the world.

One of the requirements is that the recipient keep a blog of their travels.  This year, there are four scholars all with amazing stories.  I particularly liked Julia’s who took especially nice pictures in Austria and Switzerland.

You can also look at last year’s scholars here.  You can also watch a testimonial from Meixi Ng, a 2010 scholar below.