Hi, I’m Tom Pynchon

There are a handful of authors for whom I eagerly wait their next book: Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Haruki Murakami (ok, I wait for the translation of his books), and Thomas Pynchon.  Bleeding Edge is Pynchon’s latest book and it will be released on September 17th; I already have it pre-ordered.  I was first introduced to Pynchon by way of Gravity’s Rainbow, which was an experience and I’m looking around for a house on top of which I can grow a banana farm.

To build even more anticipation for the book (not that any is really needed), Penguin Press released a Pynchonesque book trailer.  From the t-shirt, to the glasses, to the hours at Zabar’s, this trailer is hilarious.

If you are asking yourself what this book is about, try the excerpt over at
Penguin Press.

William Gibson had some high praise for the trailer, which doesn’t surprise me.  It has a Zero History feel to it, unbranded clothes and all.  Although, I prefer Bleeding Edge‘s trailer to Zero History’s:

While we are on the topic of book trailers, Neal Stephenson trailer for The Mongoliad is great and pokes fun at the book trailer craze:

Book trailers aside, I can’t wait for this book!

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