Spreading the good word about Tor and the BeagleBone Black

I presented a few slides on Tor, the BeagleBone Black (BBB), and my BeagleBone Black Tor relay tonight.  I think it went over well.  There were some people who hadn’t heard of the BBB and they were excited about using it in all sorts of ways.  On the Tor side, the question were more technical.  The Tor project is an impressive example of security and anonymity engineering; even the NSA thinks so.

There was a good question about the practicality of the BBB’s hardware random number generator.  I ceded to this point as I have yet to see much documentation (besides a marketing white paper) on the technical details of the HW_RNG.  In response to my thread on the mailing list, somebody recommend looking into haveged, which seems to be a good way to gather entropy on headless servers.  Anyway, my last message to the list outlines my next steps.

I’m happy to be the local BeagleBone Black and Tor Evangelist!