My first time soldering

I just received a Sparkfun beginner toolkit complete with soldering iron, stand, solder and other fun stuff.  Just like I learned how to cut an avocado, I watched a YouTube video on how to solder and then gave it a try.  The ATSHA204 Breakout Board is slightly crooked on the pins, but I think the DeadOn RTC came out well?  I have yet to wire them up and test them.  That’s probably the true test.

Although I’ve learned that the one-wire interface on the ATSHA204 may not be the easiest to work with.  Maybe I can adapt something like this Dallas one-wire temperature sensor?

The ATSHA204 breakout board by SparkFun.
The ATSHA204 breakout board by SparkFun.

Also, I may not need an external RTC according to comments left on my post.  So, maybe I should start with that.

The DeadOn RTC by SparkFun.
The DeadOn RTC by SparkFun.

All of this effort is related to the BBB CryptoCape project I’ve recently started.  I’m receiving sample chips from Atmel, which are 8-lead SOIC and they may be more difficult to solder to a
breakout board.

Do you think I’ve earned my Learn to Solder badge?  😉

2 thoughts on “My first time soldering

  1. Looks good. For the badge i think you have to finish an own layout. That is more difficult than the really good working breakout board sets. But it is a good start.

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