External hardware random number generator for the BeagleBone Black


The Hashlet software is scheduled for beta release on January 1st! It’s been a busy month preparing the software and hardware, but it’s finally coming together. I’m waiting until I have a releasable Beta before making the hardware available for purchase. The Hashlet is a secure authentication device that performs the SHA-256 algorithm in hardware. It also stores 256 bit keys in its EEPROM, which can’t be read once written. This enables a keyed hash ability with a Message Authentication Code (MAC), which provides message integrity and authenticity. In the rest of this post, I’ll walk you through how to personalize the device and how to use the hardware random number generator.

The Hashlet ships in a factory state, meaning that unique keys haven’t yet been loaded. This is important because I do not know your keys!. You should verify that the Hashlet is in its factory state upon…

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