Hashlet version 1.0.0 released


I’ve released Hashlet version 1.0.0. Once Savannah updates the mirrors, you can download the release here. If that site is not live, the tagged 1.0.0 release can be obtained from GitHub.

The reason for the major version bump is that the i2c bus is no longer a required parameter. It is assumed to be /dev/i2c-1 but can be changed with the `-b option.

The biggest feature added is the ability to import keys onto another device. So, say you have one personalized hashlet and want to “clone” the keys onto another. When you personalize the second device, use the command: hashlet personalize -f keys.txt. (backup the ~/.hashlet file first!)

Now, you can run the mac command on one device and the check-mac on another for verification.

There are some features, that unfortunately, are only available for NEW hashlets (i.e. ones that have not be personalized). Due to…

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