While my daughter may be too young to start learning electronics, I’m on the lookout for interesting projects. Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids by Daniel Bates has three fun, well described projects1.

I'm thinking Scheme at 6 months, Prolog at 7, and then she'll be ready for Scratch at 8 ;)
I’m thinking Scheme at 6 months, Prolog at 7, and then she’ll be ready for Scratch at 8 ūüėČ

The first project shows how to create your own game with Scratch. I’ve heard of Scratch, but never seen it in action. Daniel has readers build¬†an Angry Birds like game and I think it’s a great project to introduce kids to programming. The interface reminds me of an environment Bret Victor describes that is highly interactive and responsive.

The next project introduces basic electronics by building a custom game controller. I can see kids really enjoying this project. The project would probably need parental assistance, but I think this would be an opportunity¬†to work on a project with your child. The last chapter details¬†how to add a GUI and use the Google Maps API. Again,¬†this is a fun project although I’m not sure it is very Pi specific.

Overall, this book is a good collection of projects. If you already know some programming, then you can probably tackle the projects by yourself. If you are a kid who wants to learn programming and electronics, than partner up with a more experienced friend and get going!

  1. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this eBook in return for writing a review. 

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    1. Nice! I like the Batman example.

      I kinda want to write \LaTeX for kids now. This way we’ll get them while they’re young ūüėČ

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