BBB 30C3

Update December 2013

I’m not attending 30c3 unfortunately.  I didn’t receive an email from the conference with either a rejection or acceptance, so I don’t think my application was received on time (I submitted it the last day).  It would have been very cool and by the speaker list this year, I’ll be missing out for sure.  I’ll look for a closer conference to go to next year.  I’m leaving this page up for archival reasons.

I’m submitting a proposal for a workshop for 30C3.  I will be updating this site over time.  If you have recommendations / questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, feel free to browse by BeagleBone links and take a look at Tor on the BeagleBone.


In 2012, the Raspberry Pi generated excitement as the cheap, low-powered, ARM-based, Linux System on a Chip (SoC). However in April 2013, the BeagleBone Black (BBB) was released that provides significant more input / output pins, a faster processor, and a more open platform for only ten extra U.S. dollars. In this workshop (small talk), I present an introduction to the BBB including its capabilities, how to setup a development environment, and how to install Debian. Lastly, I will show how to use the BBB as a Tor relay and described my experiences running a BBB relay for several months.


In this workshop, I will present an overview of how to get started developing applications on the BeagleBone Black (BBB). Currently, I do not have enough BBBs to run a hands-on demo, but I will bring some of my own, which I will use to demo applications in my talk. I will summarize the features of the BBB and compare it to other Linux ARM platforms (Raspberry Pi). Then I will show how to reflash the BBB to install Debian (or Ubuntu). Then I present a brief demo of use of GPIO on the BBB and list several resources for further investigation. Lastly, I’ve been using my BBB to run a low-powered Tor relay. I will show how to setup Tor on the BBB and offered some recommendations on running Tor on this platform. I’ve setup a workshop (this site) and will have more details as the talk draws nearer.

Topics / Misc.

  1. Enabling hardware crypto acceleration on the BBB.
  2. Related presentation given to Northern Colorado Linux Users Group.
  3. Involvement with the Cipollini Project.
  4. Updates on my BBB CryptoCape.

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