Arduino libraries

Arduino libraries

I’ve been working on a few Arduino libraries lately. Since there is no package manager for Arduino1 you have to install libraries manually. Generally, this is not a big deal as you just need to plop the library in your /Arduino/libraries/ folder. If you are writing a library, spend the extra effort and make the library conform to the Arduino IDE 1.5 Library Specification. This will make it even easier to plop libraries in that folder and plus, your library and examples, will nicely display in the IDE.

This is an Arduino Library. Punny :)
This is an Arduino Library. Punny ūüôā

However, the documentation is very sparse about what keywords are. Basically, keywords are used by the IDE to perform syntax highlighting and thankfully, this post provides some clarification. I also submitted an issue so hopefully they improve that page. I guess I could have edited the wiki directly, but I couldn’t find a link to the actual keyword definitions.

Lastly, if you do create an Arduino library, pretty please, with sugar on top, pick an OSI Approved License. It may be fun to pick something else, but consider that there may be somebody who wants to seriously use your library and unless you pick a clear license, it will be unclear how to incorporate your library with their larger work.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts.

  1. Feel free to run off with this good idea. 

Loveland CreatorSpace: the newest Hackerspace in Northern Colorado

Imagine a place where mechanics, artists, and programmers go to work and play. ¬†Here you’ll see people soldering, others discussing home-brewing minutia, and some building robots. ¬†When you asking someone what they are making, they are excited to share and don’t respond with a please-don’t-bother-me-I-just-want-to-get-my-work-done-and-go-home attitude. ¬†These magical places are sometimes called by different names: hackerspace, makerspace, creatorspace, etc… but they are the guild halls of the Maker movement. ¬†If you like to make anything, you should check out your local hackerspace. ¬†If you live in Northern Colorado, you need to check out Loveland CreatorSpace.


Loveland CreatorSpace (LCS) is in the early stages.  Yesterday, they voted officers and discussed various structures for non-profits.  While discussing organizational politics may not seem like a fun way to spend a Sunday, LCS went about the task in true Maker-style.  This group of people were learning and sharing how to start a non-profit organization and afterwards they went out for beer.

Yesterday was my first meeting and its exciting to be involved at the early stages. ¬†Tomorrow, we are touring The Warehouse, a green hacker space in Loveland, where they may be an opportunity to use / share some space. ¬†I’m not sure where LCS will end up, but it’s inspiring to be around people who have a passion for creating and sharing their talents.

If you are in the area, join the Meetup and help make Loveland CreatorSpace your place to hang out, learn, and teach.