Cross-compiling Python 3.3.1 for Beaglebone (arm-angstrom)

I think I became a little too crazy over cross compiling.  For reasons now unknown to me, I decided that I wanted Python 3 on my Beaglebone.  Having just learned how to cross-compile, I was perhaps a bit ambitious.  In the end, I believe I cross-compiled successfully, but I have issues actually running Python 3 on the BB (perhaps due to PYTHONPATH issues?).  Anyway, I’m a bit overloaded with other projects at the moment so I don’t think I can see this through.  But I figured I’d write a post showing at least how to compile. Continue reading “Cross-compiling Python 3.3.1 for Beaglebone (arm-angstrom)”

Cross-compiling applications for the Beaglebone

Yesterday I blogged about building Emacs on the Beaglebone. While this is great Sunday night fun, it’s not the most efficient way to compile applications for this device. The original Beaglebone has a 720 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. My desktop has a 2.8GHz processer and 12GB of RAM. The turtle does not beat the hare in this race. It would be nice if I can compile an application on my desktop and send the compiled binary to the Beaglebone to run. Well, welcome to cross-compiling! Continue reading “Cross-compiling applications for the Beaglebone”