The Foundation of Steampunk Literature

Only fans of science fiction could create the sub-sub-genre.  In the taxonomy of literature, the niche of niches is steampunk.  Speculative fiction set in the Victorian era, steampunk creates a world where the adoption of electricity was delayed and steam-powered devices, on a personal scale, are abundant.  In this realm, one of my favorite books is The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.  It’s cyberpunk of the steam age, hence the moniker “steampunk.”

But the inspiration of steampunk surely can be seen in gothic science fiction like Frankenstein, which happened to be one of the books in Coursera’s Fantasy and Science Fiction course.  This was the fourth book and although I had read it before, re-reading it twenty years later is a completely different experience.  Books seem to age better with time than movies.  Of course, reading Frankenstein brought great nostalgia for Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein.

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