SparkFun TMP102 Sensor and BeagleBone Black

This tutorial will show you how to wire and program the BeagleBone Black (BBB) to use SparkFun’s Digital Temperature Sensor BreakoutBoard (TMP102) over I2C.  Many thanks to this Arduino example for the inspiration!

First, you might want to see my BBB I2C references if you haven’t used I2C before.  It’s simply a two-wire interface that requires SDA and SCL.  But you will also need a Vcc wire and a GND (data only communicates on two wires…).  Now the TMP102 breakout board is very good at measuring ambient temperature and it’s very sensitive to small changes around it; if I put my hand next to it I can see the temperature rise.

SparkFun's TMP102 Breakout board (with logic analyzer leads attached.)
SparkFun’s TMP102 Breakout board (with logic analyzer leads attached.)

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BeagleBone Black I2C References

I’m planning on heavily using I2C for my CryptoCape. I’m still working through issues, but I wanted to capture some of my research in this post. As I’m currently experimenting, please treat this information as notes and not as definitive information. Feel free to post corrections in the comments and I’ll update the content.

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) has three I2C buses (thanks to Smith Winston providing most of this information at his discussion post):