A list of random things going on in my life

A list of random things going on in my life

It’s been a while since I published anything personal on here. Not that I ever really did that, but I’ve been having some blogging guilt lately. I present the following unorganized list of things going on which you may, or more likely may-not find interesting. I tend to get introspective around birthdays that are divisible by five. This is a complete random collection of items. You have been warned.

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Creeping Emacs: Imma (Bitl)bee

In the continuing progression of Emacs taking over my life, I’ve found another service that can be replaced by Emacs: Google Talk!

For the rest of the world out there that has been using this for the last three years, please excuse my late discovery. Lately I’ve been lurking on the #emacs channel on freenode, keeping tabs on the conversation stream in the background. I was using Colloquy at first, which is a nice graphical IRC client on the mac, but I switched to ERC, an IRC client inside Emacs, and I was very impressed with how nicely it has integrated inside Emacs. Continue reading “Creeping Emacs: Imma (Bitl)bee”