Once in a blue moon or a Neal Stephenson public appereance

Neal Stephenson has really come out of his shell recently.  While never quite as recluse as Salinger, this is the same Stephenson who published an essay on why he is a bad correspondent (this essay used to be online, but it is now in his Some Remarks collection).  He has even tweeted thirteen times this year, almost matching his fifteen tweets since 2010.

Not that I’m counting his tweets (ok, some of those were retweets), but while he’s between books, it’s nice to hear from one of my favorite authors.  The topic of his public conversation lately has been a Kickstarter project about CLANG, a realistic sword fighting game / API.  A very detailed writer, “Umberto Eco without the charm” so says the NY Times about Snow Crash, Stephenson incorporated some swashbuckling scenes back in the Baroque Cycle, with which he was admittedly dissatisfied.  However, since then he wrote the Mongoliad, a western martial arts online-novel and now CLANG, to make up for it.

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