Crypto for Makers: Slides from Loveland CreatorSpace Kickoff

I’m posting my slides from last Wednesday’s Loveland CreatorSpace (LCS) show-and-tell.  There was a great turn-out for our first meeting and an impressive display of art, jewelry, electronics, CNC milling, Daft Punk Helmets, and chickens.  I decided to lay off some of the technical details with my project and instead present a Bildungsroman of how I became interested in cryptography and Internet privacy.  The slides probably don’t mean much without the presentation behind it, but I expressed my motivation for free and open source software, open source hardware, the BeagleBone Black, and my latest project, the CryptoCape.

Me (right) in my EFF shirt, bringing Crypto to the Makers.  Maybe the chicken is the most interested? ;)
Me (right) in my EFF shirt, bringing Crypto to the Makers. Maybe the chicken is the most interested? 😉

This Wednesday, I’ll be hosting a class entitled Practical Internet Privacy with Tor.  If you go, you’ll learn how to download, install, run, and verify that Tor is working.  I’ll also talk about other fun
browser extensions.

If you don’t go, we are recording the class and the video and slides will be posted.  But, it will be better in person :p

My upcoming CryptoCape and Internet Privacy talks

I’m excited to help kickoff Loveland CreatorSpace (LCS), a new hacker space in Loveland, Colorado, with a presentation and a class!

LCS Show and Tell Kickoff

On Wednesday, November 13th, LCS will be hosting a show and tell kickoff event.  The location and list of presenters are still TBD, but there will be mix of hackers, makers, and creators showing off their projects.  Yours truly will be giving an introduction to the BeagleBone Black and my CryptoCape.

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LCS’ first class, open to the public: Internet Privacy & Tor

I’m honored to start LCS’ impressive class offerings with a workshop on Wednesday, November 20th at RoadNarrows RoboticsPractical Internet Privacy with Tor.  I’ll provide an overview Tor and show you how to download and run the Tor Browser Bundle.

If you want a more technical details on Tor, the best information is at the Tor Project Website.  If you would like to hear me attempt to explain Tor, you can view my slides or watch this screencast.  But honestly, this presentation from one of Tor founder’s, Roger Dingledine, is much better.

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If you are in the area, come out and check out the awesome creators at LCS at these two events.

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