My first live-blogging event: truck explosion

Sitting in my NY apartment, I suddenly hear a loud BOOM on the Queensboro bridge. ¬†I ran to the window and I couldn’t see what happened but I did see all Queens traffic stopped, some people running and cars trying to back-out off the bridge.

The air quickly smelt of smoke and while something still didn’t feel right, there was no screaming or any other loud noises, so I started tweeting ūüôā

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My Twitter Bot has more Klout than I do

Do you remember when Klout was popular? ¬†Well, I created an account, but I realized it was another gamification¬†social media site clawing at my attention, so I’ve since left it alone. ¬†But the other day I was going through my WordPress settings, and I noticed I had linked my Klout account to my WordPress account and in a moment of weakness I clicked through.

My TwitterBot (@HangmanBot, the Hangman looking thing to the right of the space invader) is focused, but slipping in its consistency. Hmm, I’ll have to bust out the profiler and see what’s going on…

That’s when I discovered my TwitterBot (@HangmanBot) has more Klout than I do. ¬†In fact, it has half as much Klout as the NYTimes! ¬†I don’t understand how it was less focused then Waffels & Dinges (in the bottom right corner) though. ¬†I mean, all my TwitterBot talks about is Hangman, W&D can’t make up its mind whether to talk about Waffels, Dinges, Waffels or Dinges, or Waffels and Dinges!

How did Twitter decide who was similar to Hang Man?

So, my Bot is more influential than I am.  Somehow I think my Klout score should be the sum of my creations.  Or maybe, I should just go back to not caring about my Klout score.

Hiking in Austria and Twitter Sockets

A flurry of updates in this post as there has been a lot going on:

  1. I returned from an awesome six-day hiking trip in Lofer, Austria. ¬†First time using a travel agency and Wanderweg Holidays really delivered. ¬†The entire package was well organized as our luggage was delivered flawlessly to each different hotel throughout the trek. ¬†It was a self-guided hiking tour over 105 km total. ¬†I’m hoping to submit an article to¬†with the details, when I do, I’ll link to all of the details. ¬†For now, a teaser photo.

    The author looking at some Austrian Trees
    The author looking at some Austrian Trees
  2. I completed my Computer Networks course and I’m now taking a database theory¬† class. ¬†The professor is one of the people behind (which I found out when I was desperately looking for the class schedule… turns out the class meets on Tuesdays). ¬†Invoking xkcd reference… now…

    People go to the website because they can't wait for the next alumni magazine, right? What do you mean, you want a campus map? One of our students made one as a CS class project back in '01!  You can click to zoom and everything!
    xkcd 773
  3. I read the following books, some of which spawned more insight than others: Life of Pi, In the Plex, Restaurant at the End of the Universe (re-read) and Homo Faber.
  4. I guess that was all the updates, but it seemed like a lot to me ūüôā

Lastly, as part of my final project for my networks class, we had to design and implement a network protocol. ¬†Our group designed a protocol to play hangman online and we decided to implement this over Twitter. ¬†For a four person, distributed, graduate class team, we knocked out a pretty cool hangman game for the class, (high-five group 8). ¬†I wrote the Twitter Adaptation Layer, which essentially provides sockets over Twitter. ¬†Which, is a little weird since Twitter is broadcast like medium and besides direct messages (DMs), unicast communication is not really Twitter’s thing. ¬†Anyway, applications of this idea are limited due to Twitter’s rate limits on status updates, but I put a lot of work into this so maybe somebody out there might find this useful. ¬†That, I and I’m starting to use this blog as a repository of things I don’t want to forget… ¬†The code is on a private bitbucket repo, which I can make public after some cleanup.